Core Development Proposal 1468800


Proposal Name: michael-dev-jun
Owner: michael
Cost: 11500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote via the Proposal screen in the wallet

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May recap
This month I helped release Comet 4.2, Block DX 1.7, and Enterprise XRouter Proxy v0.6.4 (first public release!). Comet 4.2 and Block DX 1.7 were released on May 8th and the EXR Proxy was released to the public on May 13th. I worked on XBridge order improvements, including adding more taker verification checks to XBridge. These checks include verifying that the taker is on a valid fork prior to committing to the trade. I also added the ShowAllOrders XBridge capability allowing Block DX users to see orders across the entire network without any wallets installed locally. Review May work here: I also improved XRouter by adding improved support for the new EXR node type (Enterprise XRouter service node). EXR snodes are significantly faster at handling XRouter requests and we advise all service node operators to adopt this technology. Please see the EXR snode setup documentation here:

The C++ XRouter library is now part of the main blocknet repository:

May/June Development Overview
I have joined the XBridge partial orders development effort. This will allow users to make or take partial amounts in posted orders. I am also continuing development on the GoLang XRouter library. This library is leveraging the btcsuite/btcd golang library for Bitcoin that I am porting over to Blocknet. I’m continuing improvements on XBridge, including improving the order handling process. I will continue receiving guidance from the rest of the team on priorties, tasks, and bug fixes which ultimately determines where I focus my efforts.

Current tasks

  • XRouter C++/GoLang library
  • XBridge persistent storage
  • Enterprise XRouter Proxy (public release)
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Other tasks

  • Maintenance and bug fixes on Blocknet products (XBridge, XRouter, XCloud, Block DX)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Blocknet Name Service (XRouter DNS)