Core Development Proposal 1512000


Core Development Proposal 1512000
Proposal Name: michael-dev-jul
Owner: michael
Cost: 12500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote via the Proposal screen in the wallet

vote 07c260d9c360dfca18d2d7215e72ffa69d41e4e209882417caaee37bfe4720f3 yes

June recap
The final staking protocol upgrade was launched on June 8th. It was a success, and as a result the network block times are exactly where we want them to be. The staking upgrade means that BLOCK hodlers will notice over 100 additional stakes per day across the network. The old staking protocol was moving too slowly (averaging 67 second block times), this is now fixed. This month I also completed the much anticipated partial orders effort. It is currently in the final stages of QA and will be released very soon. This will allow makers to specify a minimum order amount and takers can take any amount of the order above the minimum. Review June partial orders work here: and I added additional rpc calls to aid bot developers in integrating with the DX. dxMakePartialOrder allows devs to create partial orders. dxSplitAddress, dxSplitInputs, and dxGetUtxos can be used to prepare compatible utxos for orders as well as obtain utxos the DX knows about. I’ve also been working on the Golang XRouter library, this is currently still in alpha development. I forked the well known btcsuite btcd project to use as the golang blockchain layer. Progress on the go-xrouter project can be reviewed here: and

July Development Overview
The DX and XBridge order system are continuing to receive a lot of focus. The goal is to continue improving the XBridge order system, including adding confirmation and fee details to orders to enable improved order filtering. The goal is to also create the XBridge order persistent storage system. Additionally, we’re working to get XRouter in the hands of Ethereum and golang developers. I will continue working on Blocknet’s go-xrouter project which will allow those developers to query XRouter without any blockchains installed.

Current tasks

  • XRouter C++/GoLang library
  • XBridge order system additions (conf times and fees)
  • XBridge persistent storage
  • Governance system persistent storage (improves blockchain startup)
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Other tasks

  • Maintenance and bug fixes on Blocknet products (XBridge, XRouter, XCloud, Block DX)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Blocknet Name Service (XRouter DNS)