Core Development Proposal 1555200


Proposal Name: michael-dev-aug
Owner: michael
Cost: 12500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote via the Proposal screen in the wallet

vote c7d577395b2a1db4e9423cefbd55a2e6d8f77dcc919815c735b33b8e119de917 yes

July recap
Blocknet Comet v4.3 will be released very soon! This release includes support for partial orders. I added support for BCH and cash addresses as well as support for other coins (BTG, BCD, DVT). I improved the service node fee protocol hardening it against various DoS attacks. I added support for persistent XBridge orders as well as a Governance database for faster wallet load times. I improve the Proposal screen performance. I improved the XBridge order system enabling it to recover orders when rebooting while orders are in non-cancelable refund and redeem states. Block DX v1.8 will also be released soon, which includes performance improvements that I implemented in the rpc layer. Code commits for the latest efforts can be reviewed here: I open sourced the Golang XRouter library which can be reviewed here: I am currently overseeing the development of the Litewallet UI and we are working to release a beta in the coming weeks.

July & August Development Overview
I will continue managing the development of the Litewallet UI and working on the XBridge order system. I will be working on Litewallet integrations for sending coin. I will be developing the libraries required to support XBridge and XRouter integration into javascript dapps like Block DX and the Litewallet UI.

Current tasks

  • Litewallet UI transaction framework
  • XBridge order system additions (conf times and fees)
  • XRouter JS library
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
  • XRouter C++/GoLang library (COMPLETE)
  • XBridge persistent storage (COMPLETE)
  • Governance system persistent storage (COMPLETE)

Other tasks

  • Maintenance and bug fixes on Blocknet products (XBridge, XRouter, XCloud, Block DX)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Blocknet Name Service (XRouter DNS)