Core Development Proposal 950400



Proposal Name: michael-dev-jun
Owner: michael
Cost: 6500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote through the Proposal section in the wallet

mnbudget vote 7fc393449e355acb9db03bc3847a8024231c3b7c6388a2623f981fcc259aea68 yes

May recap
Development in May has been focused on upgrading to the v18 Bitcoin codebase. The core Proof-of-Stake code has been implemented and the chain is capable of syncing the Blocknet chain. Additional PoS checks and optimizations are required to support PoS on the Bitcoin codebase and development of these additional checks is in progress. The v18 Bitcoin codebase was not designed for PoS, so the team is focused on ensuring the security of the PoS system is not compromised during the upgrade. Additionally, version 3.13.1 was released which included improvements to the XRouter networking code. Block DX 1.1.0 was also released, containing many many updates over the past several months.

June Overview
This month is focused on continuing the upgrade process of the Blocknet core blockchain and networking code. Bitcoin v18 is the core codebase for Blocknet. Additionally, bug fixes to XBridge and XRouter will remain a priority while the chain upgrade is in progress.

Core Development task summary:

  • XBridge maintenance
  • XRouter maintenance
  • New basechain R&D
  • XRouter 1.0

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Blocknet Name Service
  • URL plugin type
  • XRouter c++ library
  • XRouter golang library

New base blockchain plan:

Blocknet desperately needs a new base blockchain and we’re planning on forking the latest v18 Bitcoin codebase to put us in line with the best security, network protocol optimizations, and optimized code. We plan on adding Service nodes and staking to the v18 Bitcoin codebase.
Reasons for new base chain:

  • Upstream security updates and optimizations (on the current chain we’re unable to efficiently incorporate upstream changes from PIVX/Dash)
  • Security and stability, Bitcoin has a much more resilient and tested codebase
  • Scalability, we need an overhaul of our RPC and networking code to support mass adoption of XBridge and XRouter
  • Developer network, Bitcoin has a strong and active developer network

This is a multi-month effort, and will put Blocknet’s basechain in line with the BTC standard. The dev team is planning the following:

  • Forking v18 Bitcoin
  • Implementing On-Chain Governance (proposal voting will be recorded directly on-chain)
  • Moving everyone to Staking rewards
    • Service Nodes are not going away, but they will be exclusive to powering DX/XBridge and XRouter
    • Service Nodes will be able to stake and can earn additional fees through XBridge and XRouter


How many people in the dev team get paid by this proposal?


This is my proposal, just me


Thanks for the clarification. There were a couple of references to “team” which made me wonder.


There are multiple Blocknet members that are a part of this effort and part of the core dev team, however, they are receiving payment under their respective supporting proposals and/or working for free of charge (ATC/UAT/Hanni etc).