Core Development Proposal 993600



Proposal Name: michael-dev-jul
Owner: michael
Cost: 7300 BLOCK
Voting: Vote through the Proposal section in the wallet

mnbudget vote b2763c81cf727c54894161fb5a97133c12228b197651f0dfa48ea3a4017ef58a yes

June recap
This month I continued integrating the v18 Bitcoin codebase into Blocknet’s Proof-of-Stake protocol and completed the stake minter (code responsible for staking). You can review the work here: Testnet builds here:
As a reminder, the reason for the codebase upgrade is that Blocknet servicenodes need a reliable core blockchain to support XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud dapps. Additionally, I have been fixing bugs in the current codebase, adding new coin support, and doing code reviews on Block DX updates.

July Overview
The goals for July include implementing the Servicenode discovery protocol in the new basechain, developing the on-chain Governance system and beginning the integration of XBridge and XRouter. Secondary goals include bug fixes and maintanence of the existing blockchain.

Core Development task summary:

  • New basechain implementation (PoS, governance, XBridge/XRouter)
  • Maintenance and bug fixing (XBridge, XRouter, Block DX)
  • XRouter 1.0 w/ code libraries (golang, c++)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Blocknet Name Service
  • URL plugin type
  • XRouter c++ library
  • XRouter golang library

Recap of new basechain plan:

Blocknet desperately needs a new base blockchain and we’re planning on forking the latest v18 Bitcoin codebase to put us in line with the best security, network protocol optimizations, and optimized code. We plan on adding Service nodes and staking to the v18 Bitcoin codebase.
Reasons for new base chain:

  • Upstream security updates and optimizations (on the current chain we’re unable to efficiently incorporate upstream changes from PIVX/Dash)
  • Security and stability, Bitcoin has a much more resilient and tested codebase
  • Scalability, we need an overhaul of our RPC and networking code to support mass adoption of XBridge and XRouter
  • Developer network, Bitcoin has a strong and active developer network

This is a multi-month effort, and will put Blocknet’s basechain in line with the BTC standard. The dev team is planning the following:

  • Forking v18 Bitcoin
  • Implementing On-Chain Governance (proposal voting will be recorded directly on-chain)
  • Moving everyone to Staking rewards
    • Service Nodes are not going away, but they will be exclusive to powering DX/XBridge and XRouter
    • Service Nodes will be able to stake and can earn additional fees through XBridge and XRouter