Proposal Name : corgi-april
Owner : @CRYPTO_CORGI (Discord)
Cost : 825
Voting : vote 17c966c228d85e79d84b21f265c3504bec51cebac513acb8385449a39d70e9d8 yes

Overview: Continue managing and growing the Block DX and XRouter twitter accounts. This includes drafting engaging tweets, creating images/content, replying the tweets, staying up to date on crypto twitter, etc.

Previous Work :

Since the last Superblock the number of followers of the Block DX twitter account has increased by ~700-800 followers. We have also had several “viral” tweets (ex. tweet 700+ and 1000+ likes)

Last month was also our best month yet for “Profile visits” at 13,300 and we are on pace for another great month for March.

Our “Profile visit” numbers have been trending upwards ever since inception:

July: 2,992
August: 3,703
September: 2,964
October: 8,834
November 2,272* (proposal was not funded, tweeted occasionally on volunteer basis)
December: 9,435
January: 5,897
February: 13,300
March: 5,205* (as of March 15th)

Block DX Twitter Analytics: