Proposal Name: corgi-dec
Owner: @CRYPTO_CORGI (Discord)
Cost: 690
Voting: mnbudget vote 2bc7b0812d5a6e90c41440a14bc902f5294b5c6226f571f2863a6631c66d11eb yes

Overview: Turn up the volume on the Block DX twitter.

Previous Work:

Generally: creating content for and growing the @BlockDXExchange Twitter account.

See previous proposals for more information on previous work: October, July/August and September

My last proposal (i.e. October) passed, but did not pay out due to insufficient funds in the Super Block to cover all the passed proposals.

I continued to do some occasional tweeting in November, despite the fact that last month’s proposal did not pass, but not at the same level as I had been over the previous months.

The Twitter stats for November are, as expected, down: