Proposal Name: corgi-feb
Owner: @CRYPTO_CORGI (Discord)
Cost: 690
Voting: mnbudget vote 41e36ac0a498c7951bb6e703606079a0fbd2e7795e698bcdf18398e5fabfe7f0 yes

Overview: Continue managing and growing the Block DX and XRouter twitter accounts. This includes drafting engaging tweets, creating GIFs, creating images, replying the tweets, staying up to date on crypto twitter, etc.

Starting this month I will also be contributing tweets to @The_Blocknet twitter on an occasional basis, though it will not be my main focus.

Previous Work:

Last month turned out to be our best month yet in all categories:

This month we are on pace to break the Tweet Impression record from last month. Followers have slowed this month but still growing at at decent rate and profile visits remain solid.

I have also started focusing a bit more on the XRouter account with the recent developments, which saw some solid growth:

You will also notice that both the Block DX and XRouter twitter accounts have received design make-overs