Proposal Name: corgi-july-aug
Cost: 895
Voting: mnbudget vote c211f0abdea2850efd8443e45c1ecf7ab8796905d4560f4519eb855990006ad1 yes
Overview: This proposal is for past services provided over the last ~2 moths from July 1st to the close of voting for this superblock

Previous Work:

  • created Twitter accounts for Block DX and XRouter (an account for XCloud was also created but on hold for the time being)

  • created the banner graphics for the Twitter accounts

  • please note that the team has admin access to these accounts with tweet-deck, however, because of their heavy workloads and focus on other priorities they have been unable to contribute to the tweeting. In this way, I believe that my tweeting is helping to increase Blocknet’s social media presence without taking away from the teams focus on other things.

  • at the time of writing (August 18th) there are over 250 tweets and more than 1 million impressions across the twitter accounts: