Proposal Name : corgi-may
Owner : @CRYPTO_CORGI (Discord)
Cost : 840
Voting : vote d49d7a638d1a8d781b7f757ee452174d5465109ff91732df24901d193c4b6ae5 yes

Overview : Continue managing and growing the Block DX, XRouter and XCloud twitter accounts. This includes drafting engaging tweets, creating images/content, replying the tweets, staying up to date on crypto twitter, etc.

Previous Work :

Since the last Superblock the number of followers of the Block DX twitter account has increased by 646 new followers. We also had a widespread viral tweet with 4,700+ likes and 12,000+ shares.

Last month tied our best month for profile visits, which have been generally trending upwards:

July: 2,992
August: 3,703
September: 2,964
October: 8,834
November 2,272* (proposal was not funded, tweeted occasionally on volunteer basis)
December: 9,435
January: 5,897
February: 13,300
March: 13,300

Block DX Twitter Analytics:

(*to date, April 13th)