Proposal Name : corgi-sept
Owner : corgi
Cost : 820
Voting : vote 019fd408de861488f0ff9f3d00903590cc91ab6d0218b2cbdc2b0cec583d8cd3 yes

Last Month:

Prepared and published engaging content daily to @The_Blocknet and @BlockDXExchange twitter accounts. Stats for the @BlockDXExchange account only:

July (final)

August (to date)

  • Researched quotes that we could use on the website landing page as testimonials and obtained approval to use quotes from the following individuals: Dan Wasyluk (Syscoin), Notsofast, Noah Seidman, Heidi Chakos (YouTuber), Crypto SI (PivX), Craig Claussen (BitBay), Josiah Spackman (DigiByte). You can view the quotes in Discord here

  • Created a new bio and new pinned tweet for the Blocknet twitter page (required some video editing)

  • Created a Block DX Instagram page

  • Coordinated a campaign to crowd source funds for memes, which ultimately generated this meme and this video

  • Began research and started discussions with potential crypto twitter influencers Blocknet could retain for paid tweets for increased awareness.

Overview :

  • Continue preparing and publishing engaging content daily to @The_Blocknet and @BlockDXExchange twitter accounts.
  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner and monitor user feedback.
  • Oversee the twitter brand image and implement social media strategy to align with project objectives
  • Stay up-to-date with crypto twitter, news, technology and trends
  • Collaborate with the team

Previous Work :

  • Growing the @BlockDXExchange twitter account from 0 to 5,600+ followers
  • Proven ability to generate both engaging and educational content, including viral tweets and engagements with social media influencers