Proposal Name : devops-1598400
Owner : atc
Cost : 4000 BLOCK
Voting :

vote 2d5e5d0c8dc1d8a21161237a7510bb238d127baf6f9026c4012026032cdb436e yes

The highlevel focus for devops is to automate as much as possible and create tooling to enable QA to easily setup environments and ultimately automate as much QA as possible


  • Autoenv setup: docker-composed based utility for snode operators, QA, and traders to quickly spin up full nodes
  • Autodocker: automatically generate dockerfiles based off manifest.json
  • AutoConfGen: automatically generate xbridge and wallet configs through manifest.json and base config
  • Create docker container with dashboard app for environment


  • Using new devops tools, create unit-test scripts/framework for DX trades through RPC interface
  • Provide manual testing of new releases against supported xbridge connectors/interfaces
  • Develop tool for extracting order info from logs

work is already in flight for both the auto-snode-qa env and the automated config builder - WIP code has been pushed to github