Ecosystem Update


Proposal Name: Ecosystem_Update
Cost: 450
Voting: vote 172ac8924503eba209878534e18527f583846a4a17e8196a5a087dffdc560bf4 yes


I have been asked by @shorn, as part of his ongoing marketing initiatives, to start writing a once monthly Ecosystem Update newsletter.

This Ecosystem Update will be blog-style article that covers one or more important topics relevant to the project, such as releases, roadmap, project goals, products, etc.

It will be written in a plain english format and put the project’s current progress in context of its longer-term goals and vision.

This approachable blog format will be a nice compliment to the current “Word of the Block” newsletter, which provides more of a summary point-form overview, and will allow people to follow along while getting excited about the Blocknet’s progress and vision!

Since this will be the first Ecosystem Update, I am providing the following draft preview. Please keep in mind this is only a draft preview for example purposes and the final product will tie-in other aspects.

Ecosystem Update (November)