Proposal Name: equipment-1036800
Owner: UAT Team
Cost: 1450
Voting: Vote via the Proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote 699a541c4d0f470ecedc181ec0ab6633f161d7f8f7d3a95b8fdabb4d1d3e4796 yes

This proposal is to enable us to expand our physical systems used for UAT tasks, which allow us to perform development support, UAT, integration, and QA tasks. All of which rely on us having access to many blockchains and the capability to host any other services we rely on for our work.

These various upgrades are required to provide us with a high quality testing environment on both mainnet and testnet, to developers and UAT who are battle-testing XRouter, XBridge, and XCloud services across various chains. This includes several custom ones, such as Ethereum and EOS which demand abundant computing, storage, and memory resources.

  • These equipment upgrades will help sustain the demands on various custom chains and services including and not limited to Geth, Parity, EOS, Neo, Ripple, etc.
  • Equipment upgrades will allow us to deliver a reliable and responsive service to developers and users alike testing and building on the Blocknet protocol.

The bulk of the costs for this month’s proposal are the acquisition of a new rackmount test-server that shall be placed in a data center, to provide high-level support for XRouter/XCloud development and testing. Other costs include SSD expansion on another one of our test systems, which is required to enable local access to ETH/EOS chains on said test system.