Proposal Name: eth-core-dev-res-fund-2289600

Owner: Shorn (shorn#3406 on Discord)

Cost: 4010 BLOCK


This proposal is to add to the reserved funds for either of the two following projects:

  • ETH/ERC20 atomic swaps project - integrating ERC20 swaps with XBridge
  • Blocknet core protocol dev (C++) and/or bug fixes

The reserve fund currently has ~ 5800 USDTe (on the Avax network) and if this proposal passes I will liquidate the 4k BLOCK to USDTe to add to it.

Any work done by the ERC20 dev will be paid from this fund and all tx’s will be shared in the Blocknet Discord.

The funds are held in a Metamask wallet protected by a hardware device.

4000 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK fee = 4010 BLOCK