Proposal name: ETH-dev-reserve-fund-2246400
Owner: Shorn (shorn#3406 on Discord)
Cost: 4000 BLOCK

This proposal is to request funding for a new ETH/ERC20 developer and to avoid having to delay any work due to lack of available funds.

We have two potential candidates to review, but without funding for them they won’t be able to start on the project. $4k would enable us to have some funds available immediately if one of the potential candidates turns out to be a good fit for the project.

The monthly cost for an ETH dev is approx $7k and this proposal aims to fill the gap in funding until the next SB, should a suitable dev be found.

If no suitable dev is found and the ETH integration project isn’t worked on, then all the funds will be reserved in the Block DX liquidity multisig account (1987200 BlockDX liquidity) until a suitable dev is found and can then be used to top up any future proposal.

Total amount requested: 4000 BLOCK + 10 submission fee = 4010 BLOCK