Proposal Name: facebook-marketing
Owner: kingbong | @kingbong in the alternative blocknet discord: https://discord.gg/z956f2M
Cost: 5000 Block
Voting: mnbudget vote 8d62db75995a7308dc3866d69c2e228db95074a86e324f5794cd62ceea40a40b yes

Warning: There is a duplicate proposal that has been posted with the same name “facebook-marketing” by a third party not connected to me with a junk description for the link. Presumably this is to cause confusion and to claim votes meant for this proposal. Therefore please be mindful when voting to vote for the correct hash which is quoted in this topic 8d62db75995a7308dc3866d69c2e228db95074a86e324f5794cd62ceea40a40b

Previous Work: None. However I have been a particularly vocal member of the community.

Overview: The full scope of the proposal is outlined in detailed here - https://bit.ly/2VYuWS7


The core team does not support this proposal for the following reasons:

  • There are already plans for Facebook advertising. We have already started a $500 trial.
  • Instead of contacting the team to collaborate, KingBong has chosen to work against the team by sowing anti-team rhetoric.
  • This proposal continues to display false anti-team rhetoric.
  • The team doesn’t think KingBong is trustworthy, and furthermore KingBong won’t provide any credentials that can be vetted by Service Nodes.
  • Last month the Service Nodes have voted not to “reinstate” KingBong.


It is a convenient modification to the decentralized governance system that the team is now allowed to bias the community against proposals. Yes I have made critical comments, because I believe certain aspects of the project’s performance have been lackluster and as per the governance protocol I’m now making my attempt to improve things (if you can kindly allow me to do that without trying to ruin it for me). I think you may be surprised that the servicenodes have more intelligence than you give them credit for. Sometimes it’s good to have a person working in a team who isn’t a yes man and who will stand up for things.

I have made numerous attempts to establish co-operation with the team, the proof is in my public Discord posts for any servicenodes who wish to fact check what I am saying.

It is no wonder that my reinstate proposal was lost when the team tossed up an announcement topic which is a distortion of the truth and utterly mis-characterized me as a bad actor.

This is my last reply in this topic about such matters, curious servicenodes can read the rest of the details in the other Discord as this has all been discussed to the very death over there. I hate bickering and prefer actions. Just know that I will co-operate with anyone and everyone and will work hard for this project so it serves the best interests of the servicenodes.

Thank you and all the best.