Proposal Name: faucet-tweet-machine-dev-2289600

Owner: Shorn (shorn#3406 on Discord)

Cost: 1410 BLOCK


This proposal is to apply for the initial funding to reserve some developer bounty for a side project: “Tweet machine and BLOCK faucet”.

When you want some Rinkeby testnet ETH, you need to post a tweet that includes your ETH address. This got me thinking…

I would like to build a similar tool for Blocknet that can provide first-time users with enough BLOCK for one trade, and also automatically promotes Blocknet on Twitter every time someone requests some faucet coins.

Here’s how I see it could work:

  1. A user wants free BLOCK
  2. They post a tweet with their address and certain hashtags
  3. Our script monitors for new tweets including the hashtag (using IFTTT) and then tweets a pre-formatted reply.
  4. Faucet coins are sent to the address (0.2 block for eg)
  5. Using IFTTT we automate BlockDX to tweet every time a faucet tweet is sent including some pre-formatted content (a visual and links for eg)

The benefits are that we would gain exposure via automated tweets and also new users would see there are free coins to grab.

Even if this started to get used a lot, it would still be posting at the cost of 0.15-0.25
BLOCK per post for eg.

There will of course be protections put in place to prevent someone draining the faucet rapidly, and we will add hourly and daily limits to protect the funding source*.

This initial 1400 BLOCK funding is intended to cover the bulk of the web coding work, but does not include funds for the actual faucet running. That will be proposed once the initial build is completed, but I estimate we could use 200-500 BLOCK for the first month of the faucet, and then review its performance and optimise where needed.

With a new idea like this, there is also the chance that it completely fails to perform its intended goal. I will make all efforts to ensure its success of course, but I can offer no guarantees for the success of the project at this early stage. But it’s important to understand this when voting on this proposal. In my opinion, it’s worth a try and I think it could be very successful.

Please see the attached workflow and design prototype that I have previously worked on:

Design: https://www.figma.com/proto/yE5Q01Som3KAoNUeqpwgrw/Blocknet-tweet-machine?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=5%3A252&viewport=341%2C48%2C0.25&scaling=scale-down&starting-point-node-id=5%3A252&show-proto-sidebar=1

Funding requested:

1400 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK fee = 1410 BLOCK