Proposal Name:

Fazer as @fazer on discord

4000 BLOCK(fazer) (complete dxbot ecosytem setup for debian, research, development, testing, testing block-QA-dxmakerbot-API…)

vote 0714df3a00f091b93742ad54aab0607293c73e3fe6c77d692d3264b19c87e48f yes

Previous Work:


– final product at https://github.com/nnmfnwl7/cc.setup.helper.debian
– one stop point to setup whole blocknet dxbot trading ecosystem for Debian based operating systems
– it is all about reading one instruction file and choosing what to install
– up to final step generating multiple pairs dxmakerbot(dxbot) strategies
– easy to add custom wallet/versions
– easy to add custom strategy templates

– created complex readme file to setup ecosystem from scratch
– created long step by step presentation https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nnmfnwl7/cc.setup.helper.debian/main/doc/cc.setup.helper.debian.long.pdf
– created short step by step presentation https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nnmfnwl7/cc.setup.helper.debian/main/doc/cc.setup.helper.debian.short.pdf
– included blocknet, bitcoin, litecoin, lbrycrd/sqlite, lbrycrd/leveldb, pivx, dogecoin, dash, verge
– bonus pocketnet default + sqlite version node
– was needed to update dxbot to be synced with multi-bot XBridge API update https://github.com/blocknetdx/blocknet/tree/4.3.3-features-dev
– dxbot dynamic spread was updated to be more usage friendly
– many dxbot bugs has been fixed by process of dev and tests
– dxbot final merge: dxbot.next$ git diff --staged --stat
4 files changed, 814 insertions(+), 335 deletions(-)
– final setup merge: cc.setup.helper.debian$ git diff --staged --stat
40 files changed, 3792 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
– spend much more time than 5hours * 20days * 2months * 20$ = 4000$

– update dxbot readme to represent latest update, but it is not a priority as long setup scripts does everything
– compatible blocknet.qa wallet is available only as alternative version, so need to be merged to official wallet by core developers.
– setup public multi-bot multi-pair liquidity pool to let users tip to BlockDx liquidity
– add more predefined dxbot pair strategy templates
– add more wallet and versions, like bitcoin 18… dev/qa versions…
– contact all mentioned projects like lbrycrd, pivx, dogecoin… that tools has much more use-cases
– first let know developers
– seconds let know liquidity providers
– third let know xlite users and noobs.