Proposal Name:

Fazer as @fazer on discord

800 BLOCK(fazer) (development + running experimental 24/7 liquidity bot for testing, debug, collect stats)

vote 1ca2511ca5ecf892e3400e8f62d552d2186118df821fa62af459f30959a483b6 yes

Previous Work:

All next followed features list will be prioritized on the fly by research and development of dxmakerbot.
Done/in testing updates of this “rolling up” proposal are moved from Overview: to Previous Work: section.


  • Purpose of this proposal is to continue with dxmakerbot research, development, testing, bugfixing, support, code refactoring and rolling-up new features and makerbot versions.

  • possible features/work to be done:

  • hidden orders. orders are not pushed to DX but rather act like takerbot, which will accept orders. this can be used to make some pressure on price to go up or down

  • add save and restore orders from file

  • save orders to db before exit/also update when creating orders, dxmakerbot session will be able to cancel only session specified orders on reconfig/exit/crash

  • staggered orders row/valley/hill + log/exp/linear

  • add more dxmakerbot events/features(exit bot events, reset order events, reopen order events, wait order events)

  • update configuration verification if missing something to be more user friendly

  • PUMP/DUMP auto management, feature is expected in V3 makerbot

  • autodetect and precompute possible next pump

  • dxtakerbot/dxmakerbot automatically selling all coins of wallet which is detected as going to dump…

  • feature is to automatically compute top price of next pump and cover it.

  • feature to opposite dxbot side to detect pump/dump to disable dxbot to not make a loss.

  • add log exp linear orders-spread distribution. had some discussion about it, but still not sure.

  • educational examples & info-graphics & video tutorials how to use dxmakerbot

  • release makerbot v3 which will be complex fileconfig BlockDX maker/taker bot with pre-configured multiple strategies which will be automatically executed/stopped by hiting conditions to ie: auto long, short, stabilize price.

  • mirroring open orders from external exchanges

I believe that i gives you many reasons to vote up this proposal to continue dxmakerbot development and all stuff around.
Thanks for your time & MTFBWY
Hopefully see you later on upcoming dxmakerbot development.


Fazer, I see you have “mirroring open orders from external exchanges” listed again as a feature you’re looking to add. That’s great. However, I see it is the very last item after a long list of other planned features. When we last chatted about this feature, you explained that “multiple people have asked multiple times for this feature and it will happen.” But you also explained there are dependencies involved and you need to complete certain other tasks before you can work on order mirroring (a.k.a. arbitrage). When I look at this long list of planned features, I just can’t see how order mirroring is dependent on any of the features listed before it. I plan to vote for your proposal because I think you do good work and contribute to the project in many helpful ways. However, if you have a free moment, I’d appreciate an explanation of why exactly the order mirroring feature is dependent on each of the features listed above it. Thanks in advance for whatever explanation you can provide. Feel free to post your answers in the #dx-makerbot channel.