Proposal Name:

Fazer as @fazer on discord

2000 BLOCK(fazer) (100% to 24/7 liquidity)

mnbudget vote <> yes

Previous Work:

  • dxmakerbot research and development
    – details in fazer-dxmbot-001 to fazer-dxmbot-009 proposals


  • providing 24/7 liquidity by running dxmakerbot on BlockDX
  • running with takerbot feature enabled on 15 seconds
  • 100% of funds will be pushed into liquidity
  • expectations are that bot will be running swaps for a ~months maybe years until goes to ~zero or maybe never
  • running BLOCK-LTC BLOCK-BTC pairs chosen on the fly by community needs.
  • possible to reserve some BTC-LTC to run also this pair
  • timing is important, needs to have systems configured and ready before lite wallet release, so right timing to start it right with light wallet release
  • liquidity bot orders can be possibly marked by special number like ending with NNN.0008466 to users know ascii 84-T 66-B as Takerbot enabled orders.
  • liquidity must be configured to do not affect users running bot nor moving price down
  • maybe good start before Light wallet release is to slow sell half of funds, for example BLOCK to LTC and be ready for Light wallet release