Graphic design - 1598400


Proposal Name: Graphic_Design
Owner: I am submitting this proposal on behalf of I Can Haz Crypto
Cost: 500 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK submit fee
Voting: vote 1aebab029bb4eb1188bbc297d3a23efdb9a57214ccb1f67ede14a6adcc06a4f7 yes

I Can Haz Crypto is an award winning Senior Graphic Designer with over 13 years in the printing and advertising industry and is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast.

He is the owner/operator of BTFD Shop and also create memes/gifs which he shares on his twitter account I Can Haz Crypto.

You can also view his website portfolio here

He created the following meme for Blocknet:

As well as the following video (I added the music):

This proposal is for funds for I Can Haz Crypto to work with the team/community to produce various memes/images and branded content that can shared across our social media.