Proposal Name: hanniabu-1080000
Owner: Hanni Abu | @hanniabu on Discord/Telegram
Cost: 2500 BLOCK

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Previous Work:
I began contributing in August 2017 when I saw there were areas the project could use help in. The first thing I worked on was an informational website (blocknetprotocol.com) since informational resources we lacking. This led to submitting my first Superblock proposal that next month for further contribution.

Since then I have been responsible for multiple projects and tasks, as well have assisted in others. Some of these items are as follows:

  • API documentation (https://api.blocknet.co/)
  • New configurations file format: https://github.com/blocknetdx/blockchain-configuration-files
  • Compose documentation (https://docs.blocknet.co)
  • Compose content
  • Compose specifications
  • Wallet QA (MacOS)
  • Block DX QA (MacOS)
  • Block DX development
  • Website development
  • Participate in interviews
  • Roadmap discussion
  • Manage and organize files and documents
  • Review announcements and publications
  • Convention prep, attending convention, and followups
  • Newsletter content, review, and submission
  • Article reviews
  • Release announcements, posts, and emails
  • Respond to questions from the community
  • Respond to emails
  • Fill out applications and forms

Below is a list of items I have been working on the past Superblock period.

  • Daily intra-team communication and coordination
  • Reviewed/finalized the newsletter
  • Submitted newsletter email
  • Continued documentation
  • Maintain existing documentation
  • Maintain blockchain-configuration-files
  • Maintain and update bootstrap files
  • Update API documentation
  • Block DX QA, release, manage tasks
  • Review articles being prepped
  • Forum updates
  • Participate in new chain spec discussions
  • Website development

As a core contributor of Blocknet, I take part in many daily tasks that help keep the project running smoothly, as well as larger tasks that move Blocknet forward. Putting in an average 60 hours a week, I partake in projects that build Blocknet’s foundation and assist in other projects in order to help meet objectives. This proposal is for compensation to allow me to continue contributing to Blocknet for the next upcoming Superblock period.

I have a technical background with a degree in mechanical engineering, prior development experience, and have spent a few years a a few early stage startups (pre and post seed round). This experience helps in various aspects of the project including working in a fast-paced environment, wearing multiple ‘hats’, pivoting priorities and tasks, understanding the project technicals and vision, communicating the different components, conveying concepts into diagrams and text, and budgeting and financials.

Attention to detail is another useful trait. When reviewing interface UI and user experience, performing QA, writing specifications and documents, and communicating concepts, this attention to detail is important as it’s typically the intricacies that make a difference.

In addition to daily tasks, the following list are main items I plan to be working on in the following Superblock period. Keep in mind that some of these may not be completed this upcoming Superblock period, may be pushed back due to a change in priority, or may be ongoing long term items.

  • Manage Block DX tasks (it’s planned to begin work on market and limit orders this month)
  • Continued documentation
  • Continued wallet and Block DX tutorials
  • Continued website development

The amount requested for this Superblock is a retainer to continue contributing to this project.

Note: This amount is noticeably less as I will be on vacation from Sept 4th-14th