Proposal Name: hanniabu-1598400
Owner: hanniabu
Cost: 1650 BLOCK

vote 15c32081f87af06333e7aa2a96b68ba603df20575279c9b5c16e8cc5bffc54e2 yes

This proposal covers the following work:

  • (14hrs) Update the Block DX website for Coinmarketcap exchange listing requirements
  • (6hrs) Spec out and update the blockchain config manifest.json file format to support Block DX mandatory config updates and project profiles for the Block DX website updates
  • (10hrs) Compose the biweekly newsletters and newsletter announcements (discord, telegram, email, signal)
  • (2hrs) Update Coinmarketcap tags, description, and revise other information
  • (6hrs) Documentation updates (EXR setup guide + misc changes)
  • (1hr) Updated bootstrap image
  • (3hrs) Update API docs and wallet help messages with new API calls

Next to each task is the estimated amount of time it will take to complete that item. If a task is completed in less than that amount of time then that time will be put towards overflow to complete the other tasks. If an item takes longer than expected to completed then work will be put on hold until a following proposal where an update will be provided.