Proposal Name: hardware-1166400
Owner: Ops Team
Cost: 1075
Voting: Vote via the Proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote 0eecebe7c961547265e486e84b2e0ea171bc3c9a9da02769e0373856792ee67a yes

Due to the growth of the ETH chain, a new dedicated 8TB SSD is required for one of our systems which is being used to syncronise the (newly synced) Geth v1.9 data for XRouter staging. This system will also be the source used to transfer data to our AWS S3 bucket, so that other team members have access to Geth’s datafiles.

This is a required upgrade as the growth of the ETH chain means that the current (4TB) SSD used on this particular system will no longer be sufficient approximately 6 weeks from now, as the ETH archival state grows by ~4.5GB/day on average:

This upgrade is required ahead of time to allow time for installation and migration before these limits are reached.