This proposal is to fund the ongoing marketing plans for Blocknet and its social media accounts using Increasity’s marketing agency.

What we achieved so far:

  • We gained 3000 new followers on our Twitter account this month (Cost $300)
  • We gained 3617 Discord members last month, using our community, and through paid advertising (Cost $500)
  • We reached out to Twitter influencers to onboard them as part of our team marketing funnel.
  • Tipped $400 dollars worth of Doge to our community to help with the overall marketing plan. Our community engages with our Blocknet posts by retweeting/liking/upvoting etc.
  • 3x $50 as a reward for our most active members. (Cost: $150)
  • 5x$15 for the top inviters of the month: (Cost: $75)

Plans moving forward:

  • To submit at least 20 new tasks daily to promote the project and get new people interested in the project.
  • Increase the size of the Blocknet Discord + our Discord Server, which functions as our own army, which will gain XP based on activity (Helping us promote the project).
  • Build relationships with influencers to build a huge community that can possibly reach thousands of people through our marketing efforts.
  • Increase engagement on our Discord server, as well as our Twitter profile.
  • Our manager will form marketing plans, to help us with these tasks.
  • Create Multiple Blocknet Giveaways to offset interest for the project.
  • Push The Litewallet with partial orders, using our network of 4000+ Discord members.
  • Increase the Blocknet community.


We want to increase the overall Blocknet community, create more awareness around the project.

We are now READY with a HUGE community to offset our marketing plans!
4000+ Discord members (And growing VERY FAST) + 19,000 Twitter Followers!

The plan is to take things to the next level, we will push people towards the Blocknet Discord group. The community needs some fresh people, and thus a lot of money will be spent from our side to push things further than the previous months.

We’re very happy to have made it this far, and with the falling price of BLOCK, we are unfortunately going to ask for 500 BLOCK more than the previous month.

Proposal amount: 1510 Block. (10 Block to cover the proposal fee).