Proposal: SB1209600
Proposal Name: infinity7592_1209600
Owner: infinity7592
Cost: 375 + 10 BLOCKs
Voting: pending

  • Deployment tests: done on netlify.
    Removed dependencies which caused the deployment to fail on netlify.

  • u2f status on Windows: Windows Update 1903 broke the communication channel.

  • u2f test on Linux: working

  • u2f test on Mac: not doable as I don’t have a Mac machine.

  • WebUSB tests: performed some tests but not usable, as is.
    Very little documentation about it anyway.

  • reached another ledger dev : no answer back.

  • follow up of ledger dev channels: no specific milestone from them.

mnbudget vote b6074ab2011e4b6e0be1ba4f23b1000dc75d7ebd34f5048857d7d2f0a66a4fa5 yes/no/abstain