Infinity7592 - 1555200


SuperBlock 1555200 - infinity7592

Proposal: SB1555200
Proposal Name: infinity7592_1555200
Owner: infinity7592
Cost: 375 + 10 BLOCKs
Voting: pending

My last month’s proposal was rejected, imho for wrong reasons.
I would have prefered that any concern about ledger work to be discussed, instead of rejecting my proposal.

Here is my position:

Conditions are NOT met imho for any widespread ledger release, because it would CURRENTLY be risky ; support from the ledger team is subpar, browser connectivity is patchy, …

There is therefore a risk of sometimes not being able to access funds ; and little to no support.
Many Windows users from other crypto projects had to resort to workarounds to move their cryptos for several months.

I seriously doubt that the optimal solution would be to release an unreliable and unsupported app, just for the sake of releasing something ; best option, from my point of view, is following the situation and waiting for a more robust solution.

If the current proposal is rejected, all previously testing and work will have to be given up on my side (this is not a threat at all, but it is obvious
I won’t commit any time to this for free).