• Proposal name: Lucien-HydraDocs-1771200

  • Owner - Lucien

  • Cost - 360 BLOCK

  • Voting - vote [hash] yes/no

  • Previous Work

    • Developed Twitter BlockDX bot @dxstats as a volunteer
    • Developed XRouter service explorer as a volunteer
    • Developed Coinmarketcap & CoinGecko API for BlockDX (ready, but has to be deployed to production)
    • Developed CryptoCompare pricing cache, used by XLite Litewallet
    • Developing XCloud Plugin GetDailyPeerList (work in progress)
    • Developing DevOps/QA Automation for new releases of XBridge supported coins (work in progress)
  • Overview
    Goal for this proposal is to write the documentation for Hydra (decentralized Infura alternative) in January.
    I will extend the current API documentation with Hydra API specifications so that developers that wish to use Hydra can hook up their dApp to Hydra as service provider instead of Infura.
    The outline will be similar to how Infura has laid out their documentation.
    I’m able to read the Hydra python code and have experience as developer and REST API’s.

This proposal is for 10 hours @ 35 BLOCK +10 BLOCK submission fee = 360 BLOCK