Marketing Content Fund-950400



Proposal Name: marketingfund-950400
Owner: Fattox (Funds are paid out directly to our Marketing Fund)
Cost: 4,600
Voting: Vote via the Proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote 1e37e2e88b35e1229f29c3fc70cda66bce638ab35b624a57704f2d5b4b62ff73 yes/no

A lot of time and effort has been spent during May investigating what options are available to us for content creation. We also had a video made by Chico Crypto, and have a number of other videos (reviews/interviews) already confirmed and/or in the negotiation phase.

We’d like to increase and maintain a healthy frequency of content creation, in the form of (mostly) videos and published articles. In order to fund these creations and publications, we have decided it makes sense to determine a monthly budget for content creation and plan for expenditure.

As a first draft, using our data, we have come up with the following:
$15k/month - which should afford us:

  • 2-3 Youtube videos.
  • 1 or more published articles on crypto news sites.
  • Any graphics/design work associated with the above media.

Currently our Marketing Fund has 6061 BLOCK:
(Note: The funds are temporarily being staked, this was to aid in stabilising our chain while we had our forking problems over the past few days, it will be disabled once we’re sure everything is steady.)

This fund is valued at around $20k at our current price level. Less $8k in confirmed but yet unpaid expenses. So, approximately $12k total remains.

Relying on the current balance of this fund, without making this proposal, would leave us with little to no ‘buffer’ or safety net in place to ensure that we can continue paying for such content. Or perhaps leave us unable to fund these efforts throughout June at all, especially if our price should move down.

Therefore, we’d like to make a proposal for content creation each month, ahead of time, to keep this buffer of funds intact, in case we need to cover any unforseen Marketing expenses that may arise, or cope with a downturn in price.

If you’d like to support us in keeping up the pressure and efforts of getting ourselves noticed and infront of the eyes of various audiences, please vote for this initiative.