Marketing push


This is my proposal for taking over Blocknet marketing “department” for a month (ideally for at least 3 months). Blocknet has decent number of followers on twitter, discord and in some other channels…but it´s time to gain some reach!

It´s time to be aggressive, make some noise, create A LOT of quality content and make “new blood” look for Blocknet not vice-versa.

My work:

  • As i took year off from my dayjob I can work basically like a full time employee. First month or two are usually pretty busy when you accept new project (as you need to plan everything from scratch, design/order all the necessary templates for future use and so on)

  • Posting and engaging community on social media

  • Designing all the necessary files/designs and figuring out content for social media.

  • Taking some duties from Shorn so he can focus on the “bigger picture”

  • Designing everythings what´s needed + also video editing

  • Ordering articles/content from third party

  • Communicating with the community

  • Demostrating use-cases and value of Block via visuals

  • Reaching out to possible partners/use-cases

  • theres more…


  • Salary 2700€ (45 hrs/week, 4 weeks, 180 hours)

  • Articles/publishing 450€ ( 3 articles)

  • Video animation 200€

  • Promotion budget for a month 400€ (twitter ads etc)

Total: 3750€ = 4558 BLOCK (price 0.97 usd)

I can do most of the work by myself, that is the reason i truly believe its a good deal for both of the parties. Also I want to mention that if we want to see real result then we need to give it a little time, around 2-3 months.
And yes, I´ve do this for living :slight_smile: