Proposal Name: marketingfund-993600
Owner: Fattox (Funds are paid out directly to our Marketing Fund)
Cost: 5,000
Voting: Vote via the Proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote 859c35dfde191ec086b7d54801456645637f5dd0f6dce9340cae8f3243e1fafb yes/no

The aim of this proposal is to allow us to fund Marketing intiatives, pay for content creation, publishing fees and to help spread the word about Blocknet amongst various communities and circles in any way we can.

These funds will be held in the Marketing portion of our Community Funds, see:

The above sheet is updated manually and periodically, but the real current balance and transaction history can be seen here:

Our target budget of $10-15k/month should afford us:

  • 2-3 Youtube videos.
  • 1 or more published articles on crypto news sites.
  • Any graphics/design work associated with the above media.
  • Some resilience to negative price movements.

Besides the monthly costs, we’d like to achieve a ‘buffer’ of approximately 2 month’s worth of potential Marketing costs, as a safety-net against price movements or unforseen costs/issues.

If you’d like to support us in our efforts of getting Blocknet in front of the eyes of various audiences and bringing more interest towards our project, please vote for this initiative.


As a side-note to the above, this month’s expenses (and output) are expected to be a little lower, as Arlyn is partially-unavailable for interviews in July. Therefore, on the Youtube front, we’ll be limited to certain review offerings from content creators.

Also, our liquidity is a current issue, so we’ll try and be conservative with cashing-out to BTC, to avoid impacting the market as much as we can.

For these reasons, the amount proposed is a bit lower than we’d prefer. Ultimately we’d like to hit that $30k buffer, eventually.