Operations Team 1080000


Proposal Name: ops-team-1080000
Members: 86b/Fattox/aderks
Cost: 11,520
Voting: Vote via the Proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote 315e2b2efb9fa5d03c9a48ac8f93b064f33c7aad7f756a35894681075d38140b yes

Please be aware that the “Operations Team” is a rebrand of the former “UAT Team”. We felt a more broad title was required, to lend some indication towards the wider amount of tasks/areas we’re involved with within the project. We’ll be known as the Operations Team, henceforth.

Also worth mentioning, Fattox/Aderks have both reduced their hours for this month due to vacations. This works out well, as our price is currently increasing the strain on the Superblock’s budget.


  • Bitcoin v18 codebase testing.
  • XRouter/XCloud testing and QA.
  • Block DX UI QA.
  • Wallet/Client release QA.
  • Auto configuration (wizard) testing and QA.
  • Testing environments - Installation/config/maintenance/expansion of all relevant systems.
  • Other bug reporting, error tracking, and logging + any other relevant QA tasks with UAT/devs.
  • Partake in any BizDev/partnership discussions with potential partners.
  • Integration strategy - Including future platform investigation/testing within UAT (ETH, EOS and beyond).
  • Product analysis - Related to the areas both the above (external products) and below (our products). Discussions within the team on technical considerations.
  • Assisting in any efforts we make towards pushing awareness of Blocknet throughout the communities of our supported projects and partners, as well as towards fresh eyes, by working with new partners and influencers where advantageous. Co-marketing efforts may be taken up when deemed to be beneficial.
  • Collaborating on content creation for Blocknet’s Social Media, to aid in driving traffic to our site and community channels.
  • Collaborating on other developmental/marketing strategies and initiatives, with both the Strategy group and the team as a whole.
  • Collaborating on the creation and maintenance of documentation: EG Tutorials, resources, informative articles and other content, for both our community and a wider audience.
  • Collaboration and communication with current partners, delegates and other teams we work with.
  • Dealing with any necessary discussions and negotiations undertaken with any other potential partners and third-parties who would like to work with us. EG: Exchanges, dev teams and any other interested parties.
  • Communicating closely with content creators to arrange the creation of works (videos, podcasts, articles), focused on promoting Blocknet to the masses.
  • Coin Announcements lifecycle: from initial integration/QA to community/partner outreach and coordination of announcements/support. Creating ANN media.
  • Helping to support and promote the use of Block DX to communities that are integrated in to our protocol, both old and new. Using raffles, airdrops, tips (etc) as a way to enable people to try the DX using these small portions of BLOCK as trade-fees.
    Note: Currently taking lower priority for the sake of other tasks in the pipeline.
  • Support - Both within the community and also helping out partners who are interested in testing our products.