Operations Team 1512000


Proposal Name : operations-team-1512000
Owners : hanniabu, 86b, aderks, fattox
Cost : 11060 BLOCK
Voting :

vote 9c10e4fb9c30bd52e7e0ebc7bb797d13840fc9c973a1d266c9a59cbbdae1d4b4 yes

We (hanniabu, 86b, aderks, fattox) have decided to submit our proposals as a single group considering how much we rely on each other due to how closely we work together.

Previous Work :

We began contributing to Blocknet in 2017 and are the silent contributors that keep the project running smoothly by working on a range of items from administrative tasks, to documentation, to support and QA. Below is a summary list of items we have worked on in the past Superblock period.

  • Admin, project forecasting, & strategy

    • Main Website overhaul discussions and planning
    • https://blockdx.com maintenance
    • Core team strategic discussions
    • Review/finalize the newsletter
    • Submitted newsletter and release emails
    • Coordinate with current and seek potential partners
    • Exchange applications submitted
    • Ongoing reaching out to various sites featuring Blocknet content that needs updating
    • Maintain Blocknet email
    • Organize and send payments for articles
    • CFA voting and spending sheet updates
    • Review release posts and articles
    • Publish Blockfolio posts for new releases and news
    • Sharing and analyzing competitor research
    • Block DX task management
    • Release announcements
  • Documentation & site maintenance

  • Development

    • Partial orders v1 completed
    • Ongoing coin version updates and related coordination with other projects
    • Blockchain maintenance scripting ongoing
    • Test automation building ongoing
    • EOS ongoing maintenance
    • Ongoing Docker updates
    • Newly overhauled Docker Images for automation nearing completion
    • XRproxy tweaking ongoing
    • XR-related domain setups
    • Test and dev environment staging for ETC and ETH
    • https://blockdx.com Open Orders continued construction
  • Support

    • All things v4.2 and Block DX v1.7.0 support
  • Block DX QA:

    • Combine depth chart into price chart panel
    • Depth chart issues and improvements
    • Fix: Make unverified asset warning popup window responsive
    • Feature: DX to display orders with no Blocknet wallet (1st QA run through, minor issue left)
    • Improvement: 500 error messages show custom message
    • Investigate wallet crash issues related to DX UI disconnect popup message
  • Blocknet Core QA:

    • New features:

      • Partial Orders battle testing
      • dxGetUtxos RPC call
      • dxSplitInputs RPC call
      • dxSplitAddress RPC call
    • Bugs:

      • Fix: xrGetBlockHash multi-consensus parser error
    • Improvements:

      • plugin help= setting shows in xrConnectedNodes & xrShowConfigs
      • getstakingstatus shows ‘fullyunlocked’ & ‘unlockedforstaking’
      • Staker check for outgoing peers, pause if 0 connected

Config Updates, Additions, and Removals:

  • Updates:

    • Updates:

      • ECA added 2.1.2
      • HTML added v2.5.0, removed v2.4.1 and v2.4.2
      • N8V added 1.2, removed v1.0.0
      • PIVX v4.1.1 added, removed v4.0.0, v4.0.1, v4.0.2, and v4.1.0
      • VITAE added v4.4.2
    • Removed:

      • Minexcoin (MNX), going defunct
    • New additions:

      • Abosom (ABS) v1.0.0
      • Altbet (ABET) v3.4.1.0
      • Reecore (REEX) v1.4.2.2
  • Updates:

    • Updates:

      • BITG added v1.5.0.2
      • BTC added v0.20.0
      • DIVI added v1.1.2, removed v1.0.8
      • INN added v4.3.8.7, removed v4.3.8.6
      • LTC added v0.18.1
      • MAC added v0.17.1
      • NMC added nc0.20.0
      • NOR added v2.1.0.9, removed v2.1.0.7
      • QTUM added mainnet-ignition-v0.19.1, removed mainnet-ignition-v0.19.0 and mainnet-ignition-v0.18.3
      • SEND added v1.2.1.0
      • SYNX added v2.3.0, removed v2.2.0
      • XZC added v0.14.0.0, removed v0.13.8.10 and v0.13.8.9
    • New additions:

      • Verge (XVG) v6.0.2
    • Adjustments:

      • FLO txindex=1 added
      • LTC v0.17.1 wallet.conf adjusted to point to v0.16.0
      • LUX txindex=1 added

Overview :

The following list are main items we plan to be working on in the following Superblock period. Keep in mind that some of these may not be completed this upcoming Superblock period, may be pushed back due to a change in priority, or may be ongoing long term items.

  • Continue the ongoing tasks mentioned in the “Admin, project forecasting, & strategy” above
  • Continue the ongoing tasks mentioned in the “Documentation & site maintenance” above
  • Ongoing setups, staging, and documentation for EXR Proxy for ETH and EOS nodes to continue discussions with interested parties
  • https://blockdx.com ongoing improvements
  • Setup snode groups behind a domain
  • Continued XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud testing and QA
  • Continued Block DX QA
  • Continued wallet release QA
  • Continue to work on the new blocknet.co content
  • Testing environments - Installation/config/maintenance/expansion of all relevant systems.
  • Auto configuration (wizard) updates testing and QA for core and Litewallet
  • Other bug reporting, error tracking, and logging + any other relevant QA tasks with UAT/devs.
  • Partake in any BizDev/partnership discussions with potential partners.
  • Continue discussion with StakingRewards.com
  • Continue discussions with potential exchange listings
  • Integration strategy - Including future platform investigation/testing within UAT (ETH, EOS and beyond).
  • Product analysis - Related to the areas both the above (external products) and below (our products). Discussions within the team on technical considerations.
  • Assisting in any efforts we make towards pushing awareness of Blocknet throughout the communities of our supported projects and partners, as well as towards fresh eyes, by working with new partners and influencers where advantageous. Co-marketing efforts may be taken up when deemed to be beneficial.
  • Collaborating on content creation for Blocknet’s Social Media, to aid in driving traffic to our site and community channels.
  • Collaborating on other developmental/marketing strategies and initiatives, with both the Strategy group and the team as a whole.
  • Collaborating on the creation and maintenance of documentation: EG Tutorials, resources, informative articles and other content, for both our community and a wider audience.
  • Collaboration and communication with current partners, delegates and other teams we work with.
  • Dealing with any necessary discussions and negotiations undertaken with any other potential partners and third-parties who would like to work with us. EG: Exchanges, dev teams and any other interested parties.
  • Communicating closely with content creators to arrange the creation of works (videos, podcasts, articles), focused on promoting Blocknet to the masses.
  • Coin Announcements lifecycle: from initial integration/QA to community/partner outreach and coordination of announcements/support. Creating ANN media.
  • Helping to support and promote the use of Block DX to communities that are integrated in to our protocol, both old and new. Using raffles, airdrops, tips (etc) as a way to enable people to try the DX using these small portions of BLOCK as trade-fees.
  • Support - Both within the community and also helping out partners who are interested in testing our products.
  • Improved Service Node operator communication
  • Service Node operator tools
  • Continued automation work
  • Continued Docker Images optimization

Any questions or concerns, feel free to ping us at any time!

The amount requested for this Superblock is a retainer for hanniabu, 86b, aderks, and fattox to continue contributing to this project.