Philip Marshall September


Proposal Name: Social_Philip_Sep
Owner: Philip Marshall
Cost: 1100
Voting: 59639eb45e247cad43ab1bc25d762afc588eb2b8da9d05fa08d8af4582360d48

Previous, Recent and forthcoming tasks:

Overview :

  • I continue to Maintain and manage the social media profile of Blocknet on our main website blog pages, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, BTCTalk, Youtube, Medium and other platforms.
  • Ensure communications from the developers and marketing team can be transmitted in a clear and timely manner to the community.
  • Respond to the community.
  • Compile and write regular newsletter and proposal summary.
  • Contribute to various marketing materials and initiatives.
  • Write press releases and news updates.
  • Write and create articles for specific initiatives.
  • Manage, source, correspond and coordinate payments to news and media outlets.
  • Maintain various internal spreadsheets.
  • Participate in strategy discussions as part of the strategy group.

Cost Assessment:

9.15 BLOCK per hour / 4 hours per day @ $1.37 per BLOCK.

A fixed amount of 1100 BLOCK from Superblock (Plus 10 BLOCK fee)

If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Marketing Fund