Philip Social Superblock Proposal



Proposal Name: Social_Philip_May
Owner: Philip
Cost: 750 BLOCK (Cost Assessment: 6.3 BLOCK per hour / 4 hours per day @ $2.37 per BLOCK.
A fixed amount of 750 BLOCK from Superblock (Plus 10 BLOCK fee)
Voting: mnbudget vote 31e605936e0ae7228fd08211d814f0f9897594f5ebbbf0d83098ab02d04a91f5 yes/no

Previous, Recent and forthcoming tasks

  • I co-wrote and coordinated the payments for two separate XRouter PR’s which were published on the Bitcoinist and CCN websites as well as published on the Blockchain Wire News Service.

  • I published a new ANN on Bitcointalk for XRouter.

  • XRouter promotion will continue across social media in the coming weeks with use case examples.

  • I wrote the and helped to coordinate the PR for BLOCK being added to DigiFinex

  • I have conducted research into popular YouTube Crypto Channels and am working with the some of the team on outreach to these channels.

  • A DEX comparison spreadsheet / graphic is nearing completion along with an associated in depth article on the evolution of the DEX.


  • I am working closely with redactedman as he continues to source talent for graphics and for article writing with a view to publish regular articles on Crypto new sites. The first result of this was this XRouter article published on our blog.

  • Now that Coin announcements have resumed, I am working with the UAT team and representatives of various tokens regarding the scheduling of announcements and the creation of new Coin Hub pages.

  • Maintain and manage the social media profile of Blocknet on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, BTCTalk, Youtube, Medium and other platforms.

  • Ensure communications from the developers and marketing team can be transmitted in a clear and timely manner to the community.

  • Respond to the community.

  • Compile and write regular newsletter.

  • Contribute to various marketing materials and initiatives.

  • Write press releases and news updates.

  • Write and create articles for specific initiatives.

  • Manage, source, correspond and coordinate payments to news and media outlets.

  • Maintain various internal spreadsheets.

  • Participate in strategy discussions as part of the strategy group.