Project Costs 1166400


Proposal Name: proj-costs-1166400
Owner: 86b
Cost: 1360 BLOCK
Voting: mnbudget vote 744c33f81a30680222ffda093df07bda06017a6c026d55d4f06f7e230dc9e1de yes/no


This proposal is to cover our AWS, cloud services, and MailChimp project costs for this Superblock period. Services include:

  • S3 Data Transfer
  • S3 Storage
  • EC2 costs
  • Various AWS fees and utilities
  • VPS addnode support + testing servers
  • E-mail subscription services

Note: This includes the month of October + November. If this proposal fails to make the Superblock cutoff priority but passes within the normal rules of the Superblock design, it will be paid out of the Development community fund.