Project Costs 1555200


Proposal Name : proj-costs-1555200
Owner : 86b
Cost : 680 BLOCK
Voting :

vote 5475850be2dc698739c4dc5239b7e1109ad35ffcd25fa4864ca9d8d6651fa52c yes

Overview :

This proposal is to cover our AWS, cloud services, MailChimp, and WordPress project costs for this Superblock period. Services include:

  • S3 Data Transfer
  • S3 Storage
  • EC2 costs
  • Various AWS fees and utilities
  • VPS addnode support + testing servers
  • E-mail subscription services


Anybody care to provide insight on why this proposal is being voted against? I believe it’s better to receive feedback to see if anything can be done to address these concerns rather than just left proposals that are crucial to this project fail and have the repercussions impact the project.