Project Equipment 950400



Proposal Name: equipment-950400
Owner: UAT team
Cost: 870 BLOCK
mnbudget vote 7c014481233f23d119040a39de3778d793a2eda393a35abb0ecd001152b26546 yes/no
mnbudget vote-many 7c014481233f23d119040a39de3778d793a2eda393a35abb0ecd001152b26546 yes/no


This proposal is being made to upgrade existing physical equipment that aids development support, UAT, integration, and QA tasks. These various SSD and RAM upgrades are required in order to provide a high quality testing environment on both mainnet and testnet to developers battle testing XRouter, XBridge, and XCloud services on various chains including custom chains such as Ethereum and EOS which demand abundant computing, storage, and memory resources.

Purpose and details of equipment:

  • Increase storage space on existing machines
  • Increase RAM on existing machines
  • These equipment upgrades will help sustain the demands on various custom chains and services including and not limited to geth, Parity, nodeos, Neo, Ripple, etc.
  • Equipment upgrades will allow us to deliver a reliable and responsive service to developers and users alike testing and building on the Blocknet protocol.