Proposal Name : redactedman-admin-costs-sep
Owner : redactedman
Cost : 660 BLOCK
Voting :

vote 11ed5a941e5cda2048900b649d6da7aecaed69ccce7405e5a14aa733e8857a26 yes

Administration Costs:

  • Test, build, maintain new antispam measures for Discord. Successfully reduced spam, fraud and imposters.
  • Planning for future marketing activities
  • General ‘small task’ administration


  • My proposal is a simple proposal for work already completed (note this is September). Since the departure of the ops team, some simple tasks need to be regularly done and maintained in order for seamless operation. I said I would take these on (where possible) until the time comes when we have hired an ops team again.

  • In this proposal I’m asking only for a donation towards my time.