Proposal Name:

Rigden15937 on discord

780 BLOCK(Rigden15937) details below

vote 899c3865fb21ac4d1acc2484bade888ff2a8c9eb49faa7f1ebc87de8976f2d8e yes

Previous Work:

I heard about Blocknet in the pub from a group of unknown people, so next i was interested to start spreading awareness about The Blocknet, BlockDX and atomic swaps among the people I know.

Now I got the idea to produce a tangible advertisement that I think will promote the project in a more effective way. To make something daily used and visible, so I came up with a keychain for opening beer with a Blocknet logo.

I would like to design and order 200 pieces of keychain beer openers with Blocknet Logo. For the beginning I would like to promote blocknet by distributing all these keychains in the suitable places.

Key keychains will be given away with unique code to redeem BLOCKNET to motivate people more to try Blocknet. By Stealth pay analysis there is only 5-10% chance for code to be redeemed so it will probably be better to give away only for first 20x but greater reward 10 BLOCK.

200x keychain pieces * 1.1 EUR = 220 EUR ~= 220 BLOCK
20x Block give away * 10BLOCK = 200 BLOCK
expected MD time spent for traveling + promotion = 3MD = 12H * 10EUR * 3 = 360 EUR = 360 BLOCK
total = 780 BLOCK

This is not final design