Proposal Name: sb950400_atc_aws
Owner: atcsecure
Cost: 500 Block

mnbudget vote d98eee8722cca1dffc1df0cb6ac1e9ea9874ccdbd2b68beffb5547b0c7addeafyes/no

Previous Work: Provides gitian build system, blocknet’s new forum, supports blockdx’s/chain configurations

Overview: AWS is used for critical infrastructure of the blocknet ecosystem


What exactly does this 500 BLOCK cover? Seems a lot for a month of AWS so please enlighten me.


If you look at the previous submission, it covers “core” infrastructure costs for everything running on AWS. When you include the labor, the actual costs are much higher.

Previous Work : AWS & Cloud Hosted infra, Gitian, CI/CD pipelines, Docker automation, new Forum, etc

Overview : Covers costs of AWS/cloud services, day-today support, dev. time, maintenance for gitian build system which is used for production releases, maintenance of forum, and public dxapi endpoints.


So this is all salary for looking after the AWS services and the stuff they host?


90%-95% goes directly to AWS, the rest covers my labor/labor-costs


Thanks for the clarification.