Proposal Name: sb950400_atc_fund_marketing
Owner: atcsecure
Cost: 10

mnbudget vote 7182f113639868148839deebf79105c8ddd42ef57f515a4b0b7c846266eff536yes/no

Previous Work: n/a

Overview: Allocate the 7k block that was going to be used for the information-matrix tv/video production to a marketing fund


How/where does the 7k BLOCK to be reallocated sit in relation to the marketing funds talked about in Marketing Content Fund-950400?


It doesn’t, these funds would just be set aside to be used in a future marketing plan which then be put up for a vote for the specific spendatures.


OK, so the other proposal stating there’s a 6k warchest for marketing which needs topping up is overlooking this chunk of BLOCK, which is also allocated for marketing.

See, this isn’t really clear. Are there any other chunks sitting around vaguely allocated for some marketing project or other? Or some other purpose?

If these funds are just sitting around unused, leftover from some other project why do they need to be reallocated to some other general purpose fund now? Why not do it when there is a definite purpose in mind?