Proposal Name: sb950400_dx_market_making
Owner: atcsecure
Cost: 500 Block

mnbudget vote 72bfa7c680cd5891b884f3858c23899dcdb7d0b8812945b79a2f10cdc695bb2a/no

Previous Work: Last Month, the market making bot provided over $100k of liquidity on the BLOCK/LTC pair on the DEX

Overview: Market Making bots for BLOCK/LTC, DASH/LTC, DGB/LTC, SYS/LTC.


Can you explain in more detail how the 500 BLOCK is used?


That is the cost of the DEX Market Making service which is running on the DEX itself. The BLOCK is used to pay for that service. It has no relation/connection to the #market-health-dmm channel or service.


Sorry, I’m still not clear on this. Is it a 3rd party service we’re paying for, or float money for our own bot(s)? In which case, how does the money get consumed? 500 BLOCK is fees for about 1000 trades a day for a month, which sounds like a reasonable possibility for $100k of liquidity/trades a month. But that’s an assumption and we all know what they say about assumptions.


It is a 3rd party service, the BLOCK payment is for the market making service on DEX. There is an overhead for running and maintaining that.


OK, thanks for the clarification.