Service Name: SCconsensusblock
Cost: Free
Description: Returns the Sia block for a given block height or blockID. View any block right from the genesis block to current.

Additional Documentation Link: None

Usage Instructions:
xrService SCconsensusblock [block_height or block_ID]

Example Call:
xrService SCconsensusblock 213565

xrService SCconsensusblock 000000000000000892fd060d637fbbbd73f8b3e97807c636c2817329817a69e0

Parameter Type Description Example
block_height int Sia block height number 213500
block_ID string Sia block ID number 000000000000000892fd060d637fbbbd73f8b3e97807c636c2817329817a69e0


Genesis block information:


Support added for Sia BlockID or block height.