Service Name: SCrenterdownload
Cost: Free
Description: Download a previously uploaded file from the Sia network, based on your [authorized_user].

  • Download via a PixelDrain link or a AWS S3 download link.


  • For the time being please use smaller files to test with. If you want to upload/download larger files please DM me for more details, space is limited.
  • If the file is large or you get a timed out (empty response) you will need to increase the timeout= in xrouter.conf, default is 30s, change as needed. Please be patient, this call can take some time, I recommend a high timeout=.

Additional Documentation Link: None

Usage Instructions:
xrService SCrenterdownload [authorized_user] [user_subfolder] [file_name] [url_download]

Example Call:
xrService SCrenterdownload user:3rJJGM8VwO pictures picture.png s3

Parameter Type Description Example
authorized_user string Authorized user:password JaneDoe:3rJJGM8VwO
user_subfolder(s) string User defined storage subfolder(s) UserA/pictures
file_name string Name of the file being uploaded landscapes.jpg
url_download string Download from s3 or pixeldrain s3




  • AWS S3 support added
  • S3 download link when entered in a web browser will automatically download the file
  • Space is limited on this S3 bucket, if usage increases and extra storage is needed a small BLOCK fee may be introduced.
  • For the time being files downloaded to this S3 bucket won’t be deleted. If space is filling up, files will be routinely deleted. If files are needed again re-run the SCrenterdownload service.


User authorization has been implemented. See: SCuserregistration for more information.