Service Name: SCrenterupload
Cost: Free
Description: Store any file via URL link on the Sia blockchain. URL link must contain the the file at the end of the link, Eg.

  • Create your own subfolder by giving it a name on [user_subfolder]
  • Choose the filename on [file_name]


  • For the time being please use smaller files to test with. If you want to store larger files please DM me for more details, space is limited.
  • If the file is large or you get a timed out (empty response) you will need to increase the timeout= in xrouter.conf, default is 30s, change as needed.

Additional Documentation Link: None

Usage Instructions:
xrService SCrenterupload [file_url] [authorized_user] [user_subfolder] [file_name]

Example Call:
xrService SCrenterupload user:3rJJGM8VwO pictures picture.png

Parameter Type Description Example
file_url string URL file link to upload
authorized_user string Authorized user:password JaneDoe:3rJJGM8VwO
user_subfolder string User defined storage subfolder UserA
file_name string Name of the file being uploaded landscapes.jpg



It’s possible to create subfolder’s under your [user_subfolder] as well.

  • Siapath file structure is: xcloud/your_username/my.file

  • To create folders under your [user_subfolder] follow the folder structure:

    • [user_subfolder] = aderks/pictures
    • "siapath": "xcloud/aderks/pictures/blocknet.jpg"


User authorization has been implemented. Use SCuserregistration to register a username to begin.