Proposal Name: Shorn-design-marketing-web-1684800

Owner: Shorn
Cost: 2555 Block
Voting: vote 9dfd9cacf7bec5200cebb22f0ef14fc93aa9b7ad77c3a9ce0d8d125bbbed679e yes

This proposal is for a continuation of some of the main marketing and strategic tasks I have been working on, but at slightly reduced hours. There will no doubt be tasks to work on outside of the scope of this proposal, but the main tasks included are:

  • Produce the weekly roundup email newsletter (includes designing the custom graphics, content research and writing, testing and sending to 1500 subscribers)
  • Blockfolio updates - regular posts to 11k subscribers
  • Reaching out to medium blogs to have our articles included in their publications
  • Design and build a new XRouter ‘landing page’ to use for press articles to link to
  • Building email forms for landing pages, monitoring email marketing analytics, and maintaining the Mailchimp account
  • Build and integrate ‘opt-in’ campaigns (ref: XLite lead-nurturing campaign on the Blocknet website)
  • Other tasks as needed - involvement in marketing strategy discussions for social media, press and design support for any other contributors.

Subtotal: 12hrs / week for marketing and strategy related tasks

  • XLite project - continued QA and discussions with dev team, design and UI optimisations for v1.0 release, community testing and feedback.

Subtotal: 4 hrs / week for UI, graphic design and QA related tasks

  • new website maintenance and basic SEO optimisation - using a suite of tools and plugins I will be maintaining basic SEO and monitoring analytics and performance of the blocknet website, making improvements where necessary.

Subtotal: 2 hrs / week for website analytics and maintenance related tasks

This proposal is for 18hrs / week @ 35 BLOCK = 2520 - (Any time worked over the 18 hours will be volunteered)

I have outgoing costs of approx €35 this month for the website server, drip campaign software and optin lead generation software, and these have been added to the proposal.

Website server: (DO server)

Optin campaign software: (pro account)

Drip campaign SEO software: (solo account)