Proposal Name: Shorn-dev-fund-2160000

Owner: Shorn (shorn#3406 on Discord)

Cost: 3125 BLOCK


I am submitting this Superblock proposal on behalf of a developer who has been working with us for a couple of months now. Their work has previously been funded by the Block DX Liquidity proposal but as the upcoming tasks are not related to this the superblock seemed a more appropriate method of funding.

I have offered to submit their first proposal to help them out with the submission and to also help them remain as anonymous as possible. This is their choice and I am comfortable submitting a proposal on their behalf and also taking responsibility for their work and delivery of their tasks.

So far this new dev has worked on a wide range of tasks including the recent XLite and core wallet bug fixes and everyone on the team and in the community who has worked with him has been impressed by his speed of delivery, efficient and effective code and their attention to detail.

This proposal covers work already completed and not covered by Block DX liquidity funds (1725 BLOCK) and future work leading into this next SB period (1390 BLOCK).

  • XLite bug fixes
  • Core wallet and XBridge bug fixes (invalid amount bug, calculations precision issues)
  • Block DX UI v2 - contributions to planning, structure and processes
  • GitHub process optimisations and suggestions

This proposal is for 25hrs/week @ €35/hr x 4 weeks = €3500
BLOCK price taken from CMC is $1.24 (€1.05) = 3125 BLOCK (including 10 BLOCK submission fee)