Proposal Name: Shorn-dev-funds-core-2246400

Owner: Shorn (shorn#3406 on Discord)

Cost: 3654 BLOCK

This funding proposal includes a payment of 34 hours which covers work already done by our dev “Rikublock” which wasn’t covered by the last SB funding.

The remaining 66 hours will be used to fund the following tasks - these funds do not guarantee that these tasks will be completed and more funding may be required at a later date. Updates will be posted in Discord and GitHub.

  • Core - xrGetBlockCount snode list retrieval investigation and possible bug fix; required for Go-XRouter and XRouter-JS projects
  • Core - 18 decimal places review (continued) and public release. This would enable us to re-release partial orders with XLite support. Currently partial orders only works with a pre-release version of the core wallet.

These tasks will be approached first, and if they are completed within the budget, then more Core tasks will be assigned to the dev from the board here: with the priority given to bug fixes.

There may be some un-used funds in this period due to a dev having limited availability to work on Blocknet tasks. Therefore, any un-used funds will be sent to the Block DX multi-sig account and rolled-over to the next SB period.

Total proposed:

  • 34 hrs: retroactive pay for work already done
  • 66 hrs: to work on outstanding tasks as described above

Requested: 100 hours @ €35/hr = 3500 euros = 4045 USD
= 3644 BLOCK + 10 submission fee
(based on 30 day avg price of $1.10)